Sound Masking

Effective Sound Proofing

Keep Your Space Free From Unwanted Noise

Provide yourself and your employees with sound-masking technology to improve your work production. Sound proofing can also be effective in the home to block out noise from neighbors and other outside sources.

Create a Better Level of Privacy

Your level of privacy decreases when you're in close proximity to neighbors or in an office building. Using Voice Arrest technology, we can direct the sound and keep it isolated to the intended area. You'll be able to create the most productive, peaceful living or work space.

Get a quote on Voice Arrest

Universal Electric will provide you with a plan, quote, and installation of Voice Arrest. This is the perfect product for any business owner or homeowner who is looking to add more privacy to their property. Contact us today to get more information.
24-hour emergency service is available.

$25 OFF for first time customers. Contact us for more information.
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