Convenient Portable Generators

Don't Lose Access to Your Electricity

Universal Electric can provide you with the portable or standby generators that will keep your home or business running.

Universal Electric started as a two-man team. Rick started as a licensed electrician in 2003 and his brother, Brian, joined him in 2005. We've been serving Nebraska and Iowa for the past 10 years on projects ranging from high voltage installations to residential lighting.

Backup Your Company's System

Don't let a power outage shut your business down for an extended period. We can install a standby generator that will back up your main system. When the power goes, the generator will kick in to provide you with the essential electricity you need.

Protect Your Home and Family

When a storm or power outage occurs in your neighborhood, a portable generator can keep your family and home safe. You'll be able to keep the lights and essential electrical systems running.
24-hour emergency service is available.

$25 OFF for first time customers. Contact us for more information.
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